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  Regional Customer Support Service Center of WASA

   Rawalpindi Development Authority

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Regional Customer Service Center

Online Customer Support Services

 -  Information about Complaint Center

 WASA has divided the Rawalpindi city into two main zones East & West.

 in each zone there are several complaint centers who deal their relevant

 complaints. Complaint centers contain different union councils as well as it

 also contains several technical and engineering teams divided into union

 councils. There is a Sub Engineer, Supervisor an operator (complaint

 receiver), and a Team leader in each complaint center.


 WASA is committed to provide better services to its citizens. many big steps

 are taken in order to provide outstanding services to the  customers.

 You can find information about each regional customer service center

 given below:


 Service at all the complaint centers is available from 8:0 AM to 11:00 PM



 Emergencies can be reported at Liaquat Bagh Complaint Center where

 services are available for 24 hours.



  Water Supply, Sewerage, Billing and Water Boozer/Tanker Services and Complaint Centers

WASA Head Office Telephone Numbers: 051-5555490-493



WASA Call Center 24 x 7 (Head Office)

Central Complaint Center for all type of complaints





  Address of Complaint Centers  Phone No.s
 1. Liaquat Bagh


    WASA Bowser & Water Supply Complaints


 2. Water District No.1 - Satellite Town  

    Water Supply and Water Boozer Services


    Sewerage Complaints



    Billing Related complaint (Satellite Town Region) 051-4429192
 3. Water District No.2 - Khayaban-e-Sirsyed  
    Water, Sewerage and Billing Complaints 051-4834733
 4. Water Works No.1 (White Tanki)  
     Water Boozer Services 051-4410073
 5. Kali Tanki  
    Water Supply Complaints -
 6. Shamsabad  
     Water Supply Complaints



 7. Pirwadahi  

     Water Complaints and Water Boozer/Tanker


 8. Moti Mahal Disposal Station  
      Water Supply and Sewerage Complaints 051-5952519
 9. Gulzar-e-Quaid  
     Water Supply Complaints 051-5955962
 10. Bagh Sardaran  
     Sewerage Complaints 051-5538548
    No. of Water Supply Repair Teams 18
    No. of Sewerage Teams 14
 Important Note:  

Incase of non-rectification or attendance of your complaints at complaint centers please call directly to the Head Office at following telephone numbers:

      Water Supply Complaints (Director, W/S) 051-5770177
      Water Boozer/Tanker Services (Director, W/S)  051-5770177
      Sewerage Complaints (Director, S&D) 051-5554071
      Revenue Complaints (Deputy Director, R) 051-5554143
      Revenue Complaints (Assistant Director, R) 051-5530427

     Computerized Billing, Online Customer Support

     Services related Complaints (Manager MIS)  


     General Complaints about WASA



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