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  -  Conserve water in Bathroom

  -  Conserve water in Kitchen

  -  Conserve water while Washing

  -  Conserve water in Garden

  -  Miscellaneous Tips 

   Tips to Conserve Water in Bathroom
Don't run water when washing the dishes ,Brushing your teeth, washing your hands or face or shaving or brushing.
Close taps tightly
Replace damaged/leakage pipes,Taps valves to avoid overflow and wastage
  A leaking toilet can waste upto 16,000 litres of water per year
   Tips to Conserve Water in Kitchen
Wash Vegetables in a bowl of water, washing the cleanest ones first. use this water for your plants.
 Tips to Conserve Water while Washing
Wash vehicles with a bucket and sponge instead of hose, which uses 400 liter of water. By using a bucket upto 300 liters can be saved.
  While buying a new washing machine, choose one that is water efficient. you could save a substantial amount of water, as well as money, over the life of the machine.
Most washing machines have a load adjustment button or dial, so try to set this to match the amount of washing you're doing. If your machine doesn't have a load adjustment function, try to wait until you have enough washing for a full load.
   Tips to Conserve In Garden
Choose plants that are native to area you live or drought resistant plants for landscaping and gardens
Water lawns and gardens during the coolest part of the day
Collect rainwater in large tubs of cans and use it to water plants.
Avoid using pesticides, herbicides and fungicides in the garden for they seep into the garden and pollute ground water.
 Other Few Common Tips
Fix leaking taps, Pipes etc., immediately and check regularly for leaks
Never put Water down the drain when there may be another use for it for watering a plant or garden or cleaning
Do not let your overhead tank overflow. Regulate the time.
Never flush garbage down a toilet. It will ultimately end up in our water streams and river.
Reuse water whenever possible.
Use water responsibly.
Do not fix pumps directly to the line.
Do not branch off pipe before the meter point.



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